Facebook Page Viral Advertising

  • Facebook is undoubtedly still the big daddy of social media, towering over rest of the others with their 1.15 billion everyday users. So when it comes to marketing on the platform, the most obvious benefit is the sheer volume of people you can potentially reach with your efforts.
  • Building an audience on Facebook is kind of like a first date. You want to get to know someone before you start investing time into them. And if you aggressively go in for a kiss in the first few minutes of meeting, you’re likely not going to achieve your desired results. This cheeky analogy may be somewhat comedic, but the theme is pretty accurate. Your audience needs to be warmed up in order to:

    • Build trust with them
    • Maintain their interest.
    • Educate them about the advantages of your solution.
    • Ready them for a sales pitch.

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